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Throw away your eyelash curler and get ready for Lash Lift.

Perfect brows everyday with Lash Lift & Tint.
Lash Lift | STUDIO Face & Body | Glastonbury CT

Lash lift and tint

Lash Lift is basically low maintenance and budget friendly eyelash perm to curl and lift the natural lashes.

It helps you get rid of your eyelash curler by enhancing the length and the shape of the natural lashes. This low maintenance lash lifting treatment can last for six to eight weeks.

At STUDIO Face & Body, we offer lash lift or paired with a lash tint. The tint helps in defining the lash hair, making the eyes look fuller and even larger.

If you’re tired of curling your lashing and applying mascara everyday, then lash lift and tint is for you!

What is the process of lash lift and tint?

The process takes about 45min-1hr.

  • Firstly, we remove any eye makeup and clean the lashes. The lower lashes are then covered with an eye patch that hydrates and tightens the under-eye skin. After that, we place pads on your eyelid to protect the eyes and provide a base to hold the lashes.

  • Then, we apply a bonding gel to the lashes to hold them in upward direction.

  • We then apply a Relaxing Lotion that covers most of the lashes and allow it to sit for 6-10 min. This duration depends on the thickness of the lashes. Finally, the lift is set using Laminate lotion that is applied to the base & mid-lash and left for about 6-10 minutes. (depending on lash thickness )

After this process, the pads are removed and lashes are cleaned.


  • Do not wet the eyelashes for 24 hours

  • Avoid touching or rubbing the eyes

  • Avoid applying any makeup or mascara for 24 hours

  • Brush the lashes every day

  • Apply a good eyelash serum

When should you not go for lash lift?

We suggest you don’t get a lash lift and tint in the following cases:

You suffer from any skin disorders around the eyes.

Eyelash treatment requires using chemicals around the eyes and it can be dangerous if you suffer from any skin disorders.

You have undergone any eye surgery.

Your eyes may still be recovering and might be extra sensitive. So it’s best not to irritate them with chemicals.

You are pregnant.

We do not recommend this treatment if you're pregnant as you may be more sensitive to chemicals due to the hormonal changes in your body.

Feel free to get in touch with us in case of any concerns and questions or to know if this treatment is safe for you.

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