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How to Redeem


YAY! You got an AMAZING Gift🫶🏻

im sure you want to redeem as soon as possible so easily follow the links below for the service listed on your Gift Certificate. PLEASE NOTE: You must keep this Gift Certificate like you would CASH as there is no way to track it. The Gift Certificate you have, KEEP as it must be present at time of appointment.  If you loose this certificate, please contact the person whom gave you this certificate and have them contact the studio. 

Booking online or over the phone you agree to these terms.  


Basic terms. Show onetime. If you need to Reschedule, do so before the 72 hour cancelation and rescheduling cut/off time. ie, you know you need to cancel and your appointment is 4 days away? Send a text request to reschedule or cancel NOW. not 1,2or 3 days before your scheduled appointment as we will not be able to fill the appointment time and will be considered lost time and 50% of the certificate value will be absorbed by STUDIO Face & Body LLC as Time Lost.

Basic commonsense rules. we all respect each others time 🫶🏻☺️

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