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Men's Microblading _ STUDIO Face & Body _ Glastonbury CT

The Man's Brow

The Man's Brow
Microblading for men

Looking put-together is equally important to everyone.

So if you’re a guy who’s been looking for a way to boost your appearance, you might want to consider having some brow work done. Microblading for men, will give you natural-looking brows that will improve your look and give you a great-looking set of brows!

Mens Microblading | STUDIO Face & Body | Glastonbury CT
Mens Microblading | STUDIO Face & Body | Glastonbury CT
Mens Microblading | STUDIO Face & Body | Glastonbury CT

What Exactly is Mens Microblading 

The quick definition of microblading is a Semi ~ permanent makeup procedure done by depositing pigments into the skin at a relatively shallow depth by making thin incisions on its surface that imitate the look of natural growing brow 

if you would like a detailed look at how microblading is preformed, visit our instagram for videos and portfolio 


The results of microblading are eyebrows that look fuller, more voluminous, and arches modified as to make the best of your features.

Do Men's Brows Differ from Woman's?


The procedure in-itself it self is the same however, the technique is much different. For one, mens brows are fuller and have less curvature than a woman's brow and tend to keep the microblades softer & lighter in most cases.


The Man's Brow shape has another big difference. Female brows shapes a feminine featured face as where the mans brow shapes a more masculine featured face by using the Golden Ratio method for measuring brow and facial features to achieve a personalized brow that fits your face and features perfectly.

Mens Microblading | STUDIO Face & Body | Glastonbury CT
Mens Microblading | STUDIO Face & Body | Glastonbury CT
Mens Microblading | STUDIO Face & Body | Glastonbury CT
 Will My Mens Microblading
look natural?

The short answer is YES!

Mens Microblading is very natural. The results speak for themselves. 

What happens after Men's microblading? 

One thing worth noting is that there is a recovery time with men's microblading and After-Care ( supplied ) and instructions you will want to adhere to that you should keep in mind while scheduling. If you are someone who goes to the gym every day, you might want to wipe this off your list of options  or, suck it up and take time off of working out daily or schedule accordingly and during off- time/season  


Once men's microblading is complete, you can’t get any sweat on them for a week as this can smudge the pigment and create uneven brows. You’ll also want to avoid the sun during the healing process, as your skin will be sensitive and is at a higher risk of burning. 


In the first week after your men's microblading, your eyebrows will start to scab and peel/flake. This scabbing/flaking is perfectly normal and is how the pigment develops into your eyebrow.


If you are looking to make your men's microblading as subtle as possible, you might want to book your treatment while you’re off work or on vacation time. While it can take six weeks to complete heal, most of the scabbing should be gone within 14 days or so. You must NOT pick or PEEL at the scab as this can remove the pigment and leave you with sparse eyebrows, as well as scaring to your skin.

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