What you can expect  at  your appointment for the ultimate eyeliner treatment:

✅   Before your appointment, Please fill out the required online consent forms [HERE]


✅   Come in with your Eyeliner on. I like to see what you like and are used to. Eyeliner in most cases, are a  preference.

✅   Next, we Consult and play with shapes, designs and color to achieve your goals.


✅   We hate pain, too. Numbing cream is applied to the Liner area on the lash line to help alleviate discomfort during the procedure. After 20 minutes, we begin your Eyeliner Treatment.

✅  You are sent home with all your after-care and  24 hour access to me by text for any questions you may have. ☺️

✅  (EXCLUDING REFRESHER APPOINTMENTS)  You will return 4 to 6 weeks later for your Perfecting Appointment to re-implant your target color to brighter up and fill any missing pigment lost during healing.

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Before your Eye-Liner.

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After your Eye-Liner 

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What is Microblading ?