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Why is microblading for men becoming more popular? 


One of the reasons for the popularity in microblading men’s eyebrows is that it is a sure way of achieving natural-looking brows. If you want to make it look as though you haven’t had any work done, then microblading is the way to go. 


The microblading technique is a semi-permanent tattoo that uses pigment to mimic the appearance of natural brow hairs. This procedure uses a small hand-held device with a dozen or more micro-needles that form the microblade, this is what is used to scrap the skin to apply the color directly onto the first layer of your skin. The device is small enough for me to get up close and personal, giving a blurring result that makes it impossible to tell the artificial hairs from the natural ones with the naked eye. 


The Man's Brow

Can men microblade they’re eyebrows?  Of course‼️ 

It’s a myth that men don’t care about their appearance, especially in the age of Instagram and other social media.

You would be surprised by how many men’s  brows I’m  microblading  daily. While we often think of eyebrow treatments as being a woman’s beauty treatment, microblading  and  powder brows/micro+shading have become increasingly popular amongst men who want to tame their bushy eyebrows. Microblading your eyebrows is the best way to keep them looking well-groomed and tailored in most cases. 

Microblading is not only for eyebrows,

but for hair loss too.



If you have suffered hair loss as a result of illness or a condition like alopecia, then microblading your eyebrows can give you a confidence boost. Microblading is also an ideal way to cut down on grooming time, especially if you have eyebrows that you feel you need to brush into shape every day. It is also a great way to hide scarring around your eyes, and can naturally thicken your eyebrows if they’re on the thinner side.



There is no difference between microblading men’s eyebrows and women’s, it’s a gender-neutral procedure. The only thing I  will do differently is the amount of brow mapping that they do to get a particular shape. Women tend to favor eyebrow shapes that focus around a sharp arch, which requires more precision than the straight eyebrow shape that men tend to chose. 

Will it be obvious if I microblade? 


Microblading uses micro-needles that mimic your own hair in such a way that they appear as natural as possible. No one would ever know that you’ve had an eyebrow done, unless the look with a fine tooth comb. The naked eye can not tell the difference between artificial hair and your natural hair. 

Unlike other eyebrow treatments, such as waxing, the longevity of microblading is one of its main benefits. You can expect your microblading to last up to three years. After you have your first treatment, there is usually a six week healing period before you have to come back  in for a perfecting session. This step is optional but highly recommended as it allows you to make any small changes and to fill in any spots that you want to be improved.  I allow 90 days from Implanting date to schedule your perfecting appointment. 

After your initial perfecting appointment , you can expect to go back in for a Refresher treatment every twelve to eighteen months, depending on how your skin retains pigment and lifestyle. 

What happens after I’m microbladed? 

One thing worth noting is that there is a recovery time with microblading and After-Care ( supplied ) and instructions you will want to adhere to that you should keep in mind while scheduling. If you are someone who goes to the gym every day, you might want to wipe this off your list of options  or, suck it up and take time off of working out daily or schedule accordingly and during off- time/season  


Once your eyebrows have been microbladed, you can’t get any sweat on them for a week as this can smudge the pigment and create uneven brows. You’ll also want to avoid the sun during the healing process, as your skin will be sensitive and is at a higher risk of burning. 


In the first week after your microblading, your eyebrows will start to scab and peel/flake. This scabbing/flaking is perfectly normal and is how the pigment develops into your eyebrow.


If you are looking to make your microblading as subtle as possible, you might want to book your treatment while you’re off work or on vacation time. While it can take six weeks to complete heal, most of the scabbing should be gone within 14 days or so. You must NOT pick or PEEL at the scab as this can remove the pigment and leave you with sparse eyebrows, as well as scaring to your skin.