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Pigment Facials


Pigmentation can be a result of exposure to UV rays, fluctuation in hormones, medications or certain traumas to the skin.  Through extensive research and product development we have formulated products that give skin a healthy glow.

Our Philosophy for pigmentation focuses on four key areas to help achieve a luminous, radiant glow!

  • Surface Exfoliation

  • Suppress Melanocyte Activity

  • Cellular Repair and Protection

  • Lighten & Brighten

Pigmentation - Solutions

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For the serious skin connoisseur 

Hyperpigmentation facials

✅  Skin-corrective cleansing & Toning,

✅  Hot steam towel,

✅  Skin-corrective Enzyme,

✅  Corrective building & strengthening serums,

✅  Skin-specific mask with hot & cold therapies + massage.

✅  Moisturizing massage of face, neck and décolleté

✅  SPF 30 or E-zink hydrating mineral SPF 18 application.

✴️ Take home after-care instructions 

[ Corrective facial’s / Peel’s & Seasonal Facials “the basic facial” ]

After initial consultation is established. [ included in appointment ] Are all customizable and tailored to your skin needs & sensitivities. Each service or package may differ in description and/or have added benefits or take home product. Please read each description for each prior to booking.  

◻️ : What is included : ◻️


Pigmentation - Solutions Facial’s & Peel’s including the following 

Pigmentation - Solutions

: Pigmentation - Solutions  philosophy :

Surface Exfoliation

Suppress Melanocyte Activity 

Cellular Repair and Protection

Lighten & Brighten

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