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Chemical Peels vs Facials

Updated: Oct 24, 2022


Both chemical peels and facials can treat sun damaged skin and provide a cleaner appearance against acne hyperpigmentation etc, but the treatments do contrast quite a bit. Facials lightly exfoliate the dead skin and moisturize the outer layer, while chemical peels can treat fine lines, acne, and pigmentation issues. Deep chemical peels go beyond the surface for Depleted, damaged skin for a higher grade of rejuvenation. They increase cell turnover that slows with aging, which makes the skin glow and look much brighter. To make an analogy, facials are like cleaning a wall while chemical peels strip away the wallpaper to start again.


For specialized chemical peels and facials, they both require consultations to keep the client informed of expectations and results. However, chemical peels procedure require extra preparation due to the nature of the treatment. Instead of simply applying products to clean the skin, chemical peels use solutions like AHA & BHA acids to go into the epidermis and beyond to strip the skin cells away for a healthier layer to form. Depending on what type of chemical peel is used, recovery methods and treatments can vary from simple creams for light peels to cold compresses to petroleum based healing jellys for a few days.


While both treatments can be done once every four weeks, the most noticeable difference is in the final results. With facials, the cleansing nature gives the skin a boost in moisture and bounce. After going through a chemical peel, your face will feel brand new because of the fresh skin cells being created. Deeper chemical peels offer longer and more profound results, especially when it comes to acne and fine lines. Both are temporary solutions, but the latter has more longevity.

So their ya have it. It all depends on what your expectations are and how fast and/or how long you want your results to last. ☺️ If your looking for soft results over time, you're best bet is a monthly hydra-peel / facial or a monthly light chemical-peel or facial. but if you want fast and not concerned of peeling, I would suggest the 90 Results Peel in the category of you're skin concerns.


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