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5 Summer Skin Savers You Didn’t Know You Needed

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

If your skin has been acting out more than usual, feeling oily and dehydrated simultaneously, but also breaking out, it’s not you—it’s the weather. Being in the north-east we see all the seasons and we LOVE when summer finally rolls around however the soaring temperatures along with high humidity lead to increased sweat and sebum production making it the perfect recipe for clogged pores and inflamed pimples whether they’re on your face, chest, back or yes, even your butt. The key to keeping skin healthy and refreshed, with breakouts at bay is adding the right ingredients and targeted facial treatments to your skincare routine. Here are the skin savers you didn’t know you needed.


This ingredient has a wide range of benefits from brightening skin and reducing inflammation to strengthening the skin barrier and softening the look of fine lines. But it is its ability to reduce sebum production that truly earns it a place in your summer skincare routine. It is found in generous amounts in the our -10 ChronoPeptide-A Serum, -10 Resveratrol B3 Gel, Acne Remedies Blemish Serum and Rosacea Rescue Purifying Beta Remedy. along with other skin nourishing ingredients, All 4 serums help prevent moisture loss, reduces redness and speeds up healing. The serums are lightweight and absorbed in seconds, making it easy to use under your moisturizer in your AM and PM routines.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Fun fact: high temperatures and humidity also leach moisture from the skin. Indoors, air-conditioning dehydrates skin. All these factors can lead to an imbalance of moisture and sebum, leading to breakouts. Sodium hyaluronate pulls moisture from the air into the deeper layers of the skin to help keep it hydrated. This also signals the sebaceous glands to chill on the oil production, which in turn reduces chances of breakouts. This ingredient also strengthens the moisture barrier and leaves skin plump and glowing. Add it to your skincare routine no matter your skin type or condition. SynErgy C+ From Rosacea Rescue, along with C-Stemcell from -10 Pro Youth, Acne Remedies Aloe Matt Moisture and doubt the power in the CBR line with Holistic Hydration and HA Hydration Cream❣️

Along with adding the right ingredients to your skincare routine, treating your skin to targeted facial treatments will also help keep skin calm and healthy, while keeping those breakouts in check.

Your skin will thank you for it 💕


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