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25+Years=Happy Guests!

Microblading | Poeder/Ombré Brows | Microshading
Microblading | Poeder/Ombré Brows | Microshading
Microblading | Poeder/Ombré Brows | Microshading

Hi, I'm Romy.

I am the proud creator/owner of STUDIO Face & Body.  

Since 2004, I've created a comfortable environment for my guests to unwind, relax and achieve the look they've always dreamed of. 

My permanent make-up techniques help women of all ages shape their eyes, enhance their brows and intensify their lips. My services also include lip lightening and corrections of any of these features.

I have been at the forefront of the aesthetic and permanent make-up industry for over 25 years. I especially love the creative process and the opportunities that come with uniquely transforming my guests.


I am located in beautiful Glastonbury, CT. I invite you to make an appointment so that together we can make your vision a reality and unlock the beauty that is you.


Every PMU Procedure Starts With A Consultation

  •  This allows us to discuss which procedure, shape and style will work best for you.

Next I talk Skin Tone and Hair Color.

  • It's all about the Canvas!  Your skin-tone determines the pigments use to achieve the best appearance for you.

Now The Prep

  • Using a variety of tools, markings and ink string I check all your measurements, i will Reverse-draw your eyebrows. This will give you a better vision of how your brows will look and gives a changes to re-shape if desired. Then an anesthetizing topical [numbing agent] is applied to numb the brow area. This helps elevate any pain during the procedure.


The Procedure

  • Once the anesthetized [numbing] has settled in, I will begin the process. This will take approximately 90 minutes depending on your desired look. After care is then applied to the are.

Touch up/Refreshers

  • You are invite you back for a follow up appointment. This will be 4-6 weeks Post Procedure when the skin is healed. 

Maintaining your new Look!

  • Over time you're body will metabolize the pigment that has been implanted along with other variables such as sun exposure, skin-care products etc, the crisp color and tone of your eyebrows will fade over time. [ this is what makes all permanent makeup semi-permanent ] Touch-up's will be required to keep your look on-point. Every single person is different and will fade differently. Some will fade within 6mo and others will fade in 3 years however, on average you will need a touch-up within a year or two.

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