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What you can expect at your a LIP treatment Appointment:


✅  Before your appointment, Please fill out the required online consent forms [HERE]


✅  Come in with Fresh Lips, start a sugar lip-scrub 5 days before lip service. ( DO NOT OVER SCRUB! )


✅  Choosing the correct color is very important. I will go over correct choices or your skin-tone and lip goals. 💋

✅  Next, we shape using various pencils & shaping tools, including a mapping string, calipers, and other  rulers as needed. 


✅  We hate pain, too. Numbing cream is applied to the Lip area to help alleviate discomfort during the procedure. After 20/30 minutes, we begin your lip procedure.

✅  You are sent home with all your after-care and  24 hour access to me by text for any questions you may have. ☺️

✅  (EXCLUDING REFRESHER APPOINTMENTS)  You will return 4 to 6 weeks later for your Perfecting Appointment to re-implant your target color to brighter up and fill any missing pigment lost during healing.



  •  FROM ~ 3hr ~$550


  • FROM ~ 2.5hr ~$500

Lip~Line Enhancement

  • FROM ~ 2hr ~$375


  • Fee for Consultation is applied to your service. ~ 30min ~ $50

STUDIO Face & Body Lip & Blushing9

❇️ Typically last 1-5 years depending on skin type, lifestyle, aftercare and Brow Procedure. 

❇️ Color will fade 30%-40% lighter over the healing process

✴️ Perfecting Session is required for results. 



✅ TIME: Each service is overestimated time ✨(NO RUSH POLICY✨)

✅Complete consultation, mapping & anesthetizing (numbing) 

✅ Initial procedure.

✅ After care & instructions.

✅ 24/7 support.

✅Complimentary Perfecting Session.

✴️90 Day Guarantee ✨

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