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Post Facial Treatment Aftercare
And Its Impact On Effectiveness
Facial Wash


The 3 most important steps of your daily SkinCare




As the first and most important step in your daily skincare routine and the step most of us skip 😡  This step is crucial in healthy skin, we need to wash off the sleep in the morning  and wash off the day at night. It doesn't matter if you have a dirty hands on job or a cleaner desk job, free radicals are everywhere that fly through the air sticks to our skin and clog our pores. If free radicals were visible,  you'd be pretty grossed-out 🤢 to say the least


As the second most important step in skincare, it's also the #1 skipped step 😡 for 99% of us. Toning is a second phase of clean, it is also replenishing, hydrating, PH-Balancing, correcting and protecting, depending on the brand and toner. no matter if you are dry or oily, toning is a very important step and having the correct toner is just as important.  


Our third most important and final step, Hydrating. Hydrating the skin is the #1 step that is overdone by 🤔 most of us. Serums, oils, SPF's, moisturizers, creams etc,. The amount of moisturizers and hydrators we layer on our skin, it's just crazy!


Some of us with dryer skin types or someone whom is on the sensitive side of skin, rosaces, acne or inflamed skins will need more moisture than say, someone who is on the balanced, oily side. Between a Hyaluronic serum and a skin-specific moisturizer that is compatible with our skin, that is all we need. 🥰

Now with that said, having a more in-depth skincare routing with correctors, anti-aging serums, building & strengthening, is just fine. knowing what they are, do and when to use them is what will help. 


Remember you have AM ☀️ & PM 🌙 to do your skincare routine, break it up so you still get the daily benefits from your products you love. These 3 steps are your primary and most important steps to never skip morning or night❣️

Remember, having the right TOOLS that WORK well with YOUR SKIN such as, MOISTURIZERS, SERUMS, CLEANSERS, TONERS, SPF'S, CORRECTIVES or STRENGTHENING, are very important to get right. Using the correct product and when to use them have TOP IMPACT on your skin❗️

If you are unsure what to use or want to start a new skincare regimen. Let me know how I can help ❣️


Text me any time with product questions 😌

Applying Face Moisturizer




One facial treatment may go a long way in providing your skin with what it needs to stay healthy and looking radiant. However, what can I do after my  facial to keep my skin AMAZING?

We introduce the skin-specific tools we need such as, cleanserstoners, moisturizers, sunscreen and serums for Building & Strengthening  &/or Corrective, to your skincare routine to protect and nourish your skin .


Your facial treatment does not just stop after you’ve had the session.

Depending on your skin goals & your interest in treatment,  we may advise you on your next steps to achieve your desired results,

Besides arranging your next facial appointment, peel or treatment package, the aftercare & advice that we give is just as important for your skin to restore its health.


Impact of Aftercare and its effect of Facial Treatments

We all book a facial treatment for all kinds of reasons, be it for maintenance or to tackle a specific skin problem such acne, anti-aging, hyper pigmented skin, rosacea redness or sensitive and post care support.
During the session, your skin will be densely cleaned to improve the absorption of skincare ingredients that are meant to help elevate your skin issues & concerns. The main purpose of aftercare of facial treatments include:


1. Maximizing the benefits of your facial treatment

By taking care of the aftereffects of the treatment on your skin, you are giving it time to adapt to the treatments and ingredients, thereby boosting the effectiveness of the treatment in restoring your skin’s health.


2. Helping you reach your skin goals faster

Different facial treatments offer different results, and this varies depending on your skin concerns, skin type and goals.

Just like any routine such as taking a new medication to help with an issue, continuing will help you over time. Aftercare for your facial helps your skin get better. The more you keep to it, the sooner you will see your desired results.


3. Preventing overstimulation or lingering side effects

Some facial treatments may involve procedures that may overstimulate your skin, such as extractions, enzymes and low-dose acids to help aid in certain facials such as -10 Facials and Acne Facials.

Facial aftercare plays a VERY important role - as with all facials  it helps in reducing the side effects of such facial treatments as well as longterm effects, so that you may achieve your desired skin goals.








Aftercare Tips, after a Facial Treatment

Here are some basic skincare habits you can incorporate immediately after a facial treatment for longer-lasting effects.


1. Avoid putting on makeup or other facial products for at the vary least 6 hours after your treatment.

Your skin contains lots of pores to help it “breathe”, and applying make-up or piling on facial products like moisturizers & serums right after a facial not only undermines the effects of the facial, but will also clog your pores and congest your skin. We deep clean your skin and use skin-specific enzymes, serums, product & masks that continue to work for 8 to 12 hours after your facial. Washing and/or adding your own product takes away the effect of the facial. 


2. Avoid picking at your skin or use abrasive skincare products like scrubs for at least 5 days after your treatment.

It is normal to experience slight redness after a facial, or itching after an extraction. However, your therapist will apply light cream or moisturizer to calm your skin to aid in your driven results.
It’s important to let your skin repair itself after undergoing a facial treatment. Touching your face or scrubbing your skin will worsen it.


3. Stay away from direct heat for up to 72 hours after your treatment.

Direct heat can include sun-beds, saunas or hot spas. It is best to avoid suntanning on the beach right after a facial as well, as your skin has shed from the enzyme and is vulnerable during this time, and may not be well-protected against the sun’s harmful UV rays.


4. Only go for one facial or skincare treatment at a time.

❗️❗️This is crucial, regardless of treated skin area❗️❗️

All our facials utilize the power enzymes. Enzymes are comprised of amino acids and are produced by living organisms. They act as a catalyst, digesting dead skin cells  to help speeding up cell turnover to aid in healthier, youthful radiant skin. Besides letting your skin breathe, setting a reasonable window of time between facial treatments 28+ Days apart is CRUCIAL as your skin will need time to regenerate. .

5. Refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol for up to 72 hours after your treatment.

The smoke from cigarettes contain particles that can clog your pores, and after a facial treatment your facial pores are almost always larger and can easily trap smoke particles. This can worsen your skin condition even if you have just had a treatment.
Similarly, alcohol contains compounds that can affect your skin and will speed up the aging process. Stay clear of harmful substances after a facial treatment and the benefits of your facial will last longer.
On top of applying the above-mentioned tips, here are some additional skincare advice that you can consider to maintain healthy-looking skin in the long run!

● Continuing, ( AT THE VERY LEAST ) a (BASIC) skincare routine, as we all need to cleanse, tone and hydrate, and for those of us that need a little more help due to conditions such as, Acne, Rosacea, Pigmentation and Anti-Aging, We need to maintain a little more in-depth daily regimen including the basics of Corrective Cleansers for cleansing, Skin specific Toner/Tonics for a second phase of cleaning and hydration/corrective, Advanced skin specific serums for corrective and strengthening, Moisturizing and always a daytime SPF or E-Zink protection.

● Don’t sleep with makeup on 😱 This is the #1 worst thing you can do for your skin. All makeup “even those that say their makeup product helps your skin” This is very untrue and misleading. Washing the day off your face every night will dramatically improve you’re skin after a corrective facial treatment 

● Regularly hydrate yourself with water. We as humans DO NOT drink enough Water. Over 90% only drink 1/4 of the required water intake we need. We all need to intake Half our bodyweight in ounces of water per day. Some sceptic people believe Coffee, soda and other unhealthy drinks are equal to water,  😔 Again, untrue and mislead. 

● Maintain a healthy and balanced diet. It's not a myth. Food and sensitivity to food will affect your skin. It's all connective.




The Takeaway?

Skincare doesn’t just stop at a facial - it continues even after you have your facial treatment. Aftercare is the MOST curtail part of skincare and will  help in prolonging the benefits of your facial for your skin. The steps may look small and menial, but if done regularly and consistently, you can say hello to brighter, clearer and RADIANT you for the longterm 🥰

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